Family's Happy Dream
That's Our Goal

Our Goal is Giving
Happy Dreams for Mother and Baby.

It was amazing to become a mother.
Even though the times when i watched the dawn rising with eyes wide open, holding sleepless baby.

Babies are wonderful but at times
it's very difficult to take care of them all day long.

It says newborns sleep 20 hours a day in the parenting guide that I read during pregnancy. They also learn to sleep, they can't just lie down and sleep alone like an adult.

With the experience of stage costume designer, Ideveloped swaddle that can make my son sleep well.

Making baby sleeping deeper and longer is the first step of parenting.
Being a happy mom is the way to make baby happy too.
We hope to give you happy parenting experience.

Jung Hye Park.

the story of ccoccozam

When my first son was born, i expected only happiness but reality was different.
I couldn't sleep till dawn because my son cried all night long.
After reading and reading lots of thesis and books about parenting, Isaw this sentence.

'Baby with swaddle sleeps longer than one without it.'

With 8 years of experience as fashion desinger, Idesigned Ccoccozam swaddle based on over a hundred babys' sleep experience. Our swaddle is made out of garment and materials selected with care and is approved by many parents.


  • Applied for Trademark Rights in Japan
  • Applied for Design Rights in Japan
  • Acquired ECO Mark in Japan
  • Design Right Registered in the USA
  • Entered Amazon in Japan.
  • Entered Amazon in Germany.
  • Entered Rakuten in Japan.
  • Trademark Rights Registered in the USA
  • Entered Qoo10 in Japan
  • Entered Shopee in Five Southeast Asian Countries
  • Achieved Goal of Wadis Crowdfunding
  • Entered Amazon in the USA
  • Cerified by CPSC
  • Entered in Busan Eurasia Platform
  • Applied for a Trademark in the USA
  • Applied for a Design in the USA
  • Selected as a priority purchase of
    excellent inventions by the Korean Intellectual
    Property Office
  • Registered as an excellent venture product by
    the Busan Public Procurement Service
  • Selected as
    Hi Seoul Excellent Product Brand
  • Participated in
    Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Baby Fair
  • Participated in the 27th
    Seoul International Soucing Fair
  • The 20th Busan Dream Baby Fair
  • Designated as an official sponsor of
    Gaegum Mirae Women's Hospital
  • Designated as an official sponsor of
    the postpartum care center
  • Patent Registered
  • Open in Shinsegae Department Store
  • Trademark Registration
  • Selected K-Startup
  • Participated in the
    4th COEX Creative Economy Fair
  • Supported by
    Busan Economy Promotion Agency
  • 09.15 Patent

ccoccozam one and only design

Free Hand Movement
Hand part is designed open and babies can sooth themselves with putting their hands in their mouth.
Easy to Change Diapers
The two way zipper goes all the way to the back doesn't wake baby up while changing diapers.
Only takes 3 seconds to go out
The two-way zipper can be open all the way to backside.
Baby can sit on carseat, stroller, baby carrier in Ccoccozam. There's no need to take it off!